I spent the whole day preparing Issues for the Clean Code Day. What the Clean Code Day is? It’s a day when we put the effort to improve code quality by removing unnecessary comments, some Checkstyle warnings and so on. It isn’t optimal way to solve such problems, but in our situation, the only one! We have about 3.000 warnings from the Checkstyle – quite a bit! So we’re trying to improve the Code Quality each day – when you’re working with some class, clean it up, improve a design, split huge methods – be aware!trailer film Conni und Co 2 – Rettet die Kanincheninsel

Tomorrow I will host a meeting for the reset of the team, to explain what we want to achieve and why. How to solve assigned issues and do even more. It’s a vacation period, so it shouldn’t be a problem – almost nobody is testing the application. And the most important thing is that, we have a bless from Project Manager!