Today day wasn’t pleased, it started with phone from a tester that something was wrong with application. It wasn’t crushing or something – the figures calculated were wrong – the worth thing ever! I got some screen shots with little explanation what is wrong, what was expected. Try to guess!

Nevertheless I started digging in to the code. It was hard as we introduced some many changes because of Clean Code Days. I wasn’t able to find anything particular that could be the root of the problem. I was very annoying! Another phones from testers and managers didn’t allow to think productively! I started asking around, maybe someone would figure out what it could be. Stupid idea!

Fortunately, our application dumped to a file all request sent to the WebServices. One of the team fellow identified the wrong output from a WebService and found the corresponded input. He sent that data to author of that WebService from another team and he discovered the bug! The bug was intrudced by some small refactoring, during writting tests. Right now, all we need is to deploy the new version of that WebService to a test environment!