Finally I was able to speed-up tests in our project. I had to made some dirty trick with XmlBeans. XmlBeans are not so efficient as other Xml marshalling libraries, but our whole technology stack is using them, so there’s no option 🙂

Anyway, I solved that but “borrowing” SchemaTypeSystem implementation from other project. The whole trick is to remove eager static initialization! That’s the problem, XmlBeans doing lot of static bluehost优惠码 initialization when some class from hierarchy is going to be loaded. Maybe it’s a good idea in server environment, but it’s killing unit tests.

Right now the whole test task run takes around 9 minutes and previously it was 30 minutes! So I can say it was a very efficient day!

And at the end – I discovered two nice demos about how (my lovely ide) supports Java, Groovy and Scala development, they are fantastic! You have to take a look: