The last two days were very busy – I was polishing the application and the print layout to be for sure ready for upcoming training next week. I had to add missing mappings from UI to Data Model – many of them wasn’t in use because there wasn’t 外汇交易平台 needs for that 😉 That’s the worst thing – design application and a model to satisfy only given context. In such way it’s very hard to add another functionality without breaking what was done already. Especially if there hadn’t been any unit tests.

The application and print layout are ready for test and I’ve got new assignment – I must help team mate to solve high priority bug which prevents starting training phase of the main application. It was discovered few days ago and he already did a great job to accomplish it, but I will have to double-check in case of side effect of his changes. If we deliver the application on Tuesday, than we have also clean-up the source code in such area to improve code quality.

The upcoming week will be very buy. And exciting!