As I said last time, today I was assigned to a new task. The job was mostly done by a team mate, I just had to implement some additional functions – basically extend already existing logic. It was an old code I’d written some time ago, but was a bit overused and became a mess. So, I thought to clean-up it first, to did it in right way. I’ve started refactoring some large parts of application and after three hours I still was in middle of nowhere, with bunch of  changed classes. Neither new functionality wasn’t done, nor code clean-up.

The time was important, so I decided to revert back all my changes and start again with the simplest changes to met requirements. I also dropped idea to improve code quality in the same time, I had already registered some extra time with PM to do this later. Anyway, after another two-tree hours, I finished and the team mate was able to moved forward with his changes.

I committed my changes and also he did the same. Than we verified the application and double-checked all key figures. Everything was as expected, we were able to mark bug as solved.

At the end of day I started refactoring and cleaning the code, that work will follow during upcoming days!

I also begun introducing Zen-To-Done in to my life, it should allow me to better manage my time and life 😀