The day was so bored, I’ve been fixing bugs regarding the new print template I had made last week. Many small and stupid mistakes, few of them were significant but most have never wouldn’t happen when I got more focus at first time when I did the template. Nonetheless I closed around 30 bugs, that improved my statistics 😉

After work we had first meeting of Warszawa Design Patterns Study Group for this season. It was purely organizational meeting, we’ve been discussing about what we want to do for up coming weeks. What kind of expectation we have and how to achieve them. We decided to learn TDD on some real example, next we will add DDD, maybe some Scrum and XP methodology. We will see! As a example we decide to develop software to manage conferences. As a organizer of Javarsovia 2009 conference I had experienced  lots of problem that I can address in the requirements. Hopefully we will be able to build either something useful or at least some basis for a real project.

I must prepare a backlog and next time we will be able to start coding 😉

The quite interested technique was suggested during meeting. The meeting should start as a Code Kata session when we will get some functionality and learn coding techniques. The second part will be like a Randori Session when we will be able to refactor the code and learn (maybe) some Design Patterns with live examples!

I’m looking forward for the next meeting!