Last time I had been writing about merging branch to trunk just before deployment to production. Business side wasn’t happy about that, so we had to clean up the mess 😉

It’s very weird how merge can replace whole files with older versions – by older I mean that were formatted on branch – no other changes. In such case it’s very hard to find what was changed. The only hope is in Subversion’s history. It’s the only place where you can find how it was before, though if you have history 😀

Anyway, the problem was solved quite fast and we were able to deploy a new version to test environment and business were able to test it also. The last step was to prepare deployment to production and hope that everything will go smoothly – we will see next day morning!

I also discovered superb future in IntelliJ IDEA – Productivity Guide – you can open it with ALT + H + P

Productivity Guide

BTW the new version of IDEA was release few days ago – Ulimate 9 – I already have it! Hurraaa!

PS. You can be surprised but I’m working remotely from my new home 😉