The last few days / weeks were very buys for me and it wasn’t related to work 😉sports74.ru

First I was presenting at JavaCamp #5 topic about self-development. You can find the slides and video here (sorry folks – only in Polish 😉 ). Besides me there were other lectures and they were presenting quite interesting topics

In mean time pizza had arrived so there was time to discuss and socialize, what else I can say – very nice Saturday and looking for the next JavaCamp.

After that I was working hard on my project, maybe soon I’ll share more details. What can I say now is that I’m using the latest fancy stuff from Java EE world: JSF 2, CDI, EJB 3.1, JPA 2 (ok JSF 2 isn’t the coolest thing 😉 ).

Then the long weekend arrived – Independence Day – so I spent that time with my family at my parents-in-law. The most excited thing happend during returning – my wife hunted board by car 😀

And came the Day – first time I’ve been participating in Devoxx conference. The journey had started at 10.00 AM from my home town and finished around 11.30 PM in All Seasons Hotel in Antwerpen – quite long as for 21st Century 😉 The whole SoftwareMill team were there with me!

The next three days were full of expected and unexpected experiences. Opening keynote was very cool – a bit too many people but Mark Reinhold was presenting very interesting topics about future of Java language.  You know all that fancy tools like Lambda expressions, Closures, etc. Java 7 should be brilliant but Java 8 will be astonish 😀

Lectures and presentations had very different levels of funny, essentiality and meeting expectations – from my point of view the same statement I can post about Javarsovia conference. So we don’t have to shame!

Anyway, presentation aren’t the main part of any conference. Also very important are people and discussions. During Devoxx I had plenty of both. I met other members of JetBrains Development Academy – we had very nice evening with dinner and few beers 😉 Thanks to Robert Dammer and other JetBrains guys and Ann 🙂

Next day I had pleasure to meet and talk to two Apache Struts committers – Rene Gielen and Rainer Hermanns. I missed the Open Source dinner, but I didn’t know about it early 🙁 Next time. I also had chance talk to Matt Raible and Neal Ford – just few words but always…. 😉 There were also many guys and one girl from Poland – it was a great pleasure to meet you guys and drink some beers 🙂

After third day we had to come back, tired but with many new ideas and colleagues. What to say more – I’m very pleased that I was there and met all of you!

Cya next year!

PS. Few photos 🙂