Many of you know how the Scrum’s Stand Up Meeting is going to be held. There are three questions you must answer:

  • what did you do ?
  • what are going to do ?
  • what is blocking you ?

It’s quite obvious and after some time it’s getting bored also. So to change a schema you can add the fourth question. It was proposed by Pawel – our Scrum Master and I must say, it was a very good idea – think out of the box 😉

What is the fourth question ? It depends … as say consultants 😀 It shouldn’t be related to your tasks, it must be more about surrounding environment. Like for example: what kind of book have you read recently (not related to software development) ? or what was the lats boardgame you have played ? or what did you learn from the last week ? and so forth …

Why the fourth question is so important ? To break rutin, to express a different you, to show up that there is something other than coding 😉 When people are laughing, sharing experience in different areas they’re socialize, they become more a team of friends instead of a team of geeks. We aren’t just geeks, behind we’re humans 🙂

This time no new interesting TED’s presentation, but if you understand polish language you maybe find something interesting in talks from Confitura 2011 conference. Enjoy!