Do you remember the post about the fourth question ? If so, there is a little backward of that. Some people like to talk, they talk a bit too much, especially in a case of the Daily StandUp. You should answer short and on topic, not to talk about what if … just answer the three questions: what I did, what I’m going to do, what blocks me.

The fourth question should be used to bit relax the discipline (it isn’t the Army ;-)) , but overused it can have negative influences. To stop that, we introduced a fast thursday – the day without the fourth question, you must answer the standard three questions. Nothing more.

Some says, if you talk too much, you did nothing 😉 So, don’t talk, answer!

Today I have another interesting presentation from TED, to sum up: “All right, so for some of you, this may be really, really out there.”