Do you remember my posts about the fourth question and fast thursday ?

Here is another constant behaviour for another day – friday with constant question: what you learnt (during this week).

Your answer can be related to your job or to hobby or to whatever you want. Give just one small example of what you learnt, it can be something small and funny or huge and very important 😉 It’s up to you, but share your knowledge, make other start wondering what to do next, maybe you’ll inspire others to do something like you. It’s very informative attitude, you’re expressing yourself, showing you aren’t just a nerd 😉

Ok, so what I learnt ? I remember two things:

  1. below 0 degrees it’s hard drive a bike, not because it’s cold, but because a glass from the helmet freezes and you see nothing on the road 😉
  2. at last I understood what’s the difference between @Inject (JSR-330) and CDI (JSR-299), CDI bases on @Inject, but you cannot put equal mark between them

There were probably more, but it isn’t important to say about all of them, just two is enough. Please try, share your knowledge!

And as usual some nice presentation from TED – be smart, play games 😉