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I’ve decided to reactivate my technical blog (in Polish) hosted on Java Developer’s Network – why? I’ve stared missing strict technical entries and discussion over them. And there are plenty of english technical blogs out there, so I didn’t want to be another one here. I’m still planning to post some small examples in English, but larges one will be posted there.

Few weeks ago I was moved to join a new project and for last two weeks I was trying hard to recall how JSF 2.0 works. It isn’t an intuitive way and for a guy as me – who was growing up on request-response paradigmate of the Web – the whole components approach is a big fake 😉 The frameworks are cheating us and the users, http protocol is stateless and over it we try to build a statefull application. Jsfize are flying in the air 😛

What else is going on? A lot, I can say. A brand new Apache Struts 2 is out – the web page should be updated soon (on my todo list), also we’ve a few new very active contributors and a new PMC Chair. It looks like we’ve a new opening 🙂

The fourth thing, another we are working to prepare upcoming annual Warsaw Java User Group conference – Confitura 2011 aka Javarsovia. It’s a hard peace of wood now, but hopefully we redo it in something nicer 😉

And the last thing – a new Agile conference in Warsaw is over the horizon – Agile By Example!

That’s it folks …. naha … what’s left is some new presentation from TED – not only software can be open sourced 😀

warsjawa 2009 accomplished

The Warsjawa 2009 conference is over! I think it was the first conference connected with Agile in Warsaw – there is a lot of such activities in Krakow, Wroclaw and so on – till that Warsaw hadn’t have such event!

And I have ideas for next “Agilities” 😉

There was around 100 attendees, 50 pizzas and more the 200 water drinks 😉 And the best was that only half of the attendees were Java developers – that means we hit brought audience than we want 😀 I’m looking forward for next Agile events – maybe some user group or forum!download full film The Circle 2017

I hope my presentation was good and at least someone will get more and will be more effective (as I’m going to be 😉

ordinary day

Today was very ordinary day, I’ve solved some bugs, sent some requests for explanation and so on. Nothing special 🙁 I also started assigning some Issues regarding Clean Code Day. So boring 😉

Few days ago I ordered some books about Agile and Scrum from Amazon. I’m really looking forward to put my hands on them. It would be very nice to introduce Scrum methodology in my current company. I need some basis and I will try.

the first retrospective meeting

You probably heard about Scrum? Wonderful Agile project management methodology. Today I had opportunity to participate in my first retrospective meeting. It was about finished Javarsovia conference, I had mentioned about it in the previous post. The Sprint took 6 months, a bit too much for the Iteration 😉

Any way we had posits to described our feelings, what was wrong, what was good. We summarized what we did and where is the space for improvement. It took more then 3 hours, but I think it was worth. I hope, I will have possibility to be a part of some Agile team in the future. We also agreed that we should have dedicated application to handle such events – good project for community!

That was after my work day. And I had made the biggest mistake ever. I was very upset and I forcefully switched off computer of one of my team members. It was very stupid, I behaved like Jerk! I have no explanation for that, I can just say “Sorry”!

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