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back to work

I returned to main task today. It was a good idea to disconnect myself from the task the day before – I was able to take a distance look on my problems. Yap, that being said, I had a hard time today trying investigate how out project web framework is working – with all this flow control, JavaScript around. I tried many different approaches to avoid exceptions, to allow flow working – once again I filled lost! Anyone I took the best possible solution – I asked my teammate for help, for his idea how to solve that. He didn’t give me a direct solution, but he figured out some points that I never thought about!

At the end of day I had working solution, that didn’t break anything – it was quite simple (if I look on it now 😉 ) – I just implemented the whole download logic in separated Struts action, not connected with the internal framework – that allowed me to skip the problems!

The last thing to do is write a unit test to confirm that!

community day

I spent the whole day working with Apache Struts 2 Maven archetypes – it’s an open source project hosted at – basically Action Base Java Web framework.

During that I discovered strange Maven behaviour – when I lunched it with -o option (work in offline mode) it wasn’t be able to find installed archetypes. To clarify – I prepared a script that will build up the archetype from source code, install it in my local Maven repository, then create basic application base on that archetype and lunch them, the source is below:download movie Collateral Beauty

if [ -e demo ] ; then
    rm -R demo
cd $1
mvn clean install
cd ..
mvn -o archetype:generate -DgroupId=org.demo
    -DartifactId=demo -Dversion=1.0-SNAPSHOT
    -DarchetypeGroupId=org.apache.struts -DarchetypeVersion=2.1.8
cd demo
mvn jetty:run
cd ..

$1 – it’s a command line parameter specifying archetype folder which is also archetype name

So it shouldn’t be needed to access remote archetype repository to download archetype – it’s already in local repository! I tried that with different Maven versions – the latest 2.2.1 and with 2.0.10 – with both was the same.

After some time and many experiments I found the solution – do not use -o option used -B instead! And that I was able to test one archetype – another 3 are waiting!

a short day

The day was short, as I spent 5 hours in train coming back to city where I work (it’s a bit complicated to explain that in short 😉 ) so for work left not so much time 😀streaming movie Your Name.

Anyway I integrated an application with corporate CMS system, I had to make some dirty hacks to achieve expected functionality and learned be past experience I wrote unit tests to cover all strange cases I could imagine 😉 At the end of day I integrated that simple solution with the rest of the application and discovered that our internal web flow framework doesn’t support file download functionality! I’ve tried to use different approaches, but without luck 🙁

The worst thing, I will have to look into to find some solution, the current approach is breaking the application and it became useless 😛

I left that behind and went for gym – to chill out myself!

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