Our company is growing, when I had joined the company, there were working 6-7 people, right now after over a year there are 17 people working on many different projects and clients across the world. I didn’t expect how all this will go, what future will bring. I just made a move to change something. And it was worth to do that move 🙂

At some point we realised that to hire a new person, a team mate, we need a process. Not a strict, multilevel strategy like for example Google has, but something that allows us to improve who we hired, to minimise waste – waste of time when you make a review with improper person, when you ask question which doesn’t give you an answer you’re looking for. And so on.Allegiant film download

Simple, straightforward process, easy to be adopted by any other team members as we quite often exchange who will do the review. There is one important rule here – we’re always making a review in two – to have a better overview and different points of view on the same questions and answers.

So we finished with a process where the first step is to send a CV to cv@softwaremill.pl, where it’ll be reviewed roughly and if accepted you will get an invitation for a review – over Skype of course 😉

The second step is the review – we have a list of questions we’re using during the review process. The range is from informal questions, like what you like to read, what kind of hobby do you have, and so on, over strict technical questions up to agile related questions. As we’re inspiring to be the most agile company in the world, so our team of experts must be aware of Agile in all kind 😉

When we ask questions we are looking for honest answers, if you don’t know the answer, just tell us. We don’t expect that everybody will know everything about anything 😉 The review should give us answer to one important question: do I want to work with him on a project ? That’s it, no hidden tricky questions, just simple, honest conversation. You can ask questions as well, we answer them the best we can.

The last step is a project with simple requirements, you’re free to choose a technology stack. What you must to do is to present your technical skills, even if you are applying to be a Team Leader – you must write a code! Just show us what you can do, what a brilliant fancy code you can write. We’ll review your code and you’ll get the answers – you can disagree but … 😉

At the end, even if you were hired by us, there is a golden rule of our CEO: “At the end it doesn’t matter who you hired, but to be able to fire him” 😉

To show you some mercy, please watch that very interesting talk from TED: “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” before you decide to send your CV to us 🙂