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a new layout

I’m a Mac user, as you probably know, but I was using Mac in a wrong way – is it possible anyway? 😉 The most frustrating thing when you start using Mac is CMD+W shortcut or CMD+Q is even worst because Q is next to W 😛

Anyway, in my beloved IDE, IntelliJ IDEA I was using the old behaviour to close windows – CTRL+F4 (as I recall). It was again frustrating and slow. Such a key combination isn’t optimal to use, to hit those keys you must move the whole arm. Try and you will see and figure out that you’re doing that few hundred times a day – what a waste 😛

… but there is a solution for that, not for everybody but for those who use at least IntelliJ IDEA 10.5. With that version a new keyboard layout aka keymap was introduced specially for a Mac users. It’s called Mac OS X 10.5. On the beginning is weird, you must very often use keymap reference (printed out and lying down next to keyboard).

It could take few weeks or months to get used it, but after that you become a real Mac user in case of using  your IDE 😉 You will gain a lot of fun and pleasure to use common Mac shortcuts in IntelliJ IDEA and you’ll never want to go back to the old time consuming shortcuts. Give it a try!

As usual at the end some TEDs. For a long, long time there were no interesting talks from TED – as for me of course, but today with a new newsletter I’ve got two very inspiring videos, I encourage you to spend around 20 minutes to watch them.

Questions no one knows the answers to

Larry Smith: Why you will fail to have a great career

storm is comming

Yap, it’s true!Балки

It will demolish all available PHP development environments! You are probably thinking –  “what’s he talking about?! PHP for Java developer??”. Yeah…. I wasn’t Java developer from beginning, I started my professional career as a PHP developer – the first earned money I got was for a web application I wrote in PHP! That was an amazing time, no unit tests, no bullshit about craft and so on. What was the most important – customer satisfaction!

Never mind, after 7 years I had to go back to PHP. It’s impressive, yeah? 7 years without problems and any issue. Marvelous!

Previously I used ordinary text editor to write the application, but nowadays I thought there should be something better – we have the craft, so with the craft you must have THE tools.

The first place I checked was The JetBrains side and they didn’t disappointed me – what I found was The JetBrains PHP Storm! Still in Beta but who cares 😉

The first thing I noticed after installation was that I was able to open the application without any “Import”, “Converting” and so on. Just open it and develop (with pleasure)! What can I say, just astonishing!

Today I discovered another brilliant feature “Compare with deployed version”! What’s that? Is the same functionality when you are comparing your local changes with version in source code repository.

And the result is:

And the most important feature it has is that I can use exactly the same keyboard shortcuts I’ve been using for InetlliJ IDEA! With pleasure 😀

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Last time I had been writing about merging branch to trunk just before deployment to production. Business side wasn’t happy about that, so we had to clean up the mess 😉

It’s very weird how merge can replace whole files with older versions – by older I mean that were formatted on branch – no other changes. In such case it’s very hard to find what was changed. The only hope is in Subversion’s history. It’s the only place where you can find how it was before, though if you have history 😀

Anyway, the problem was solved quite fast and we were able to deploy a new version to test environment and business were able to test it also. The last step was to prepare deployment to production and hope that everything will go smoothly – we will see next day morning!

I also discovered superb future in IntelliJ IDEA – Productivity Guide – you can open it with ALT + H + P

Productivity Guide

BTW the new version of IDEA was release few days ago – Ulimate 9 – I already have it! Hurraaa!

PS. You can be surprised but I’m working remotely from my new home 😉

tests on roids

Finally I was able to speed-up tests in our project. I had to made some dirty trick with XmlBeans. XmlBeans are not so efficient as other Xml marshalling libraries, but our whole technology stack is using them, so there’s no option 🙂

Anyway, I solved that but “borrowing” SchemaTypeSystem implementation from other project. The whole trick is to remove eager static initialization! That’s the problem, XmlBeans doing lot of static bluehost优惠码 initialization when some class from hierarchy is going to be loaded. Maybe it’s a good idea in server environment, but it’s killing unit tests.

Right now the whole test task run takes around 9 minutes and previously it was 30 minutes! So I can say it was a very efficient day!

And at the end – I discovered two nice demos about how (my lovely ide) supports Java, Groovy and Scala development, they are fantastic! You have to take a look:

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