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this is the end

Yes, what can I say more? Javarsovia 2010 conference is over! At least for attendees 😉

Just to summarize in numbers:

The numbers allow us to say the one final note: Javarsovia 2010 was the Nth* biggest Java conference in Europe! And everything for free!

See you soon – Javarsovia 2011 will be in less than 365 days 😀

* – I made a tiny mistake calling Javarsovia 2010 “the 2nd biggest conference in Europe” – sorry for that!


That’s it, I’m totally overwhelmed by organization of Javarsovia 2010 conference. For the last few days I’ve been hanging on a phone all day, discussing and answering sponsor’s questions. I wrote hundreds of mails to management board internal group. I have no more space in my daily schedule to read blogs 🙁почему одинаковые на внешний вид дома имеют разную цену?

Hopefully it’s the last week and we are solved almost all the issues we had – shirts, catering, rooms, etc. We have more than 880 registered attendees! It’s two times more than last year!

Any way I found a little time to watch that very nice TED speech, it’s about how to start movement and be a leader – very interesting and all in three minutes!

PS. I’m also not able to write posts from work, something went wrong when I migrated my DNS server 🙂

a new year

Yap, the New Year became 😉film Sandy Wexler 2017

I’ve came back to work to rest 😉

I had fixed my “last three bugs” and have nothing to do 😉

I had started playing a flash game and I got pain in my neck – the Flash is an evil 😛

I started preparing Javarsovia 2010 conference 😀

I’m thinking to participate in GeeCON 2010 conference as a presenter – first I must have some good topic to present 😉

Yap, the old year had gone, New Year became 😀

it’s a crazy world

Yes, I can said that after that two weeks – I’ve been finishing my largest project – building my own home! 😀 I spend that time moving out from my tiny flat (43 square meters) and moving in to my brand new home. I never supposed how many things I have – lost of them useless 😉 And I had to move them all and sorted later – not the best solution, but the fastest 😀

Ok, that’s one part – the second was that Warszawa JUG has it’s own server – running with Java, Jetty, Apache 2 web server, Hudson, Git and Mercurial! Lot’s of stuff! And it was awesome to install and configure them all – everything on Ubuntu server Linux! I like that 😀 So if you have some questions regarding that I will be please to answer them. Especially regarding setting up Git repository with secure access – it was the painful experience! Maybe I should write some article about that on Knowledge Base site?

Right now we’re moving web site to it – as we were starting preparation for out annual conference – Javarsovia 2010! We have some plans to write dedicated software to runs that site but that just plans 😉

And at the end – the work! Nothing special – we’re going to production (again) with our long-term project, preparing some new functionality to implements it next year and preparing ourself for Christmas!

two days at once

I hadn’t have any particular tasks for last two days. Some minor updates to print layout – that’s it! So I had time to work with Apache Struts2 project and with Xwork project. Also I prepared another presentation from Javarsovia 2009 conference and uploaded it on film Lady Macbeth now

Today we had Code Review – it was a bit to long, over three hours! Code Reviews are great if they are organized more often, but hopefully we will have another Code Review soon 😉

day as usual

I think it was a day as usual – I fixed some bugs (two 😉 ), prepared a presentation on and made some Web Services integration skeleton. And I had the second part of Communication training.

Day as usual  😀

I started the day preparing the presentation, as a JUG we have a dedicated channel on where we are publishing materials from conferences or JUG events. All are in Polish so you have to know it 😉 It was about JBoss and clustering that it had been presented during Javarsovia 2009 conference! I also made a note about podcast from COOLuary v1 conference.

Then I fixed two simple bugs regarding print template that I had been working a while ago – they looked a quite hard, but we team-mate help it was a moment! Collective knowledge!

And at the end of work day I made skeleton for web service integration – I used more or less copy-paste pattern 😉

After work we had a second part of Communication  training – we learned a lot interesting things and behaviour about ourselves! I made some notes for future and maybe publish my thoughts lately!

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