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the frozen zone

The whole project went into “Frozen Zone” – only the most important bugs should be solved, we shouldn’t do any refeactorings, code formatting and so on. So then I had lot of time to do something not really work related full film iBoy

The first one and the only one was setting up Mercurial on the Warszaw JUG server. It was even painful than setting up Git previously 😛 There isn’t any project like gitosis to support Mercurial configuration on server side. All the work I had to do manually, even I had to copy / paste some Perl script 😀 Yep, I’ve became Perl developer!

Nonetheless – I was able to set up Mercurial remote repository, uff…

it’s a crazy world

Yes, I can said that after that two weeks – I’ve been finishing my largest project – building my own home! 😀 I spend that time moving out from my tiny flat (43 square meters) and moving in to my brand new home. I never supposed how many things I have – lost of them useless 😉 And I had to move them all and sorted later – not the best solution, but the fastest 😀

Ok, that’s one part – the second was that Warszawa JUG has it’s own server – running with Java, Jetty, Apache 2 web server, Hudson, Git and Mercurial! Lot’s of stuff! And it was awesome to install and configure them all – everything on Ubuntu server Linux! I like that 😀 So if you have some questions regarding that I will be please to answer them. Especially regarding setting up Git repository with secure access – it was the painful experience! Maybe I should write some article about that on Knowledge Base site?

Right now we’re moving web site to it – as we were starting preparation for out annual conference – Javarsovia 2010! We have some plans to write dedicated software to runs that site but that just plans 😉

And at the end – the work! Nothing special – we’re going to production (again) with our long-term project, preparing some new functionality to implements it next year and preparing ourself for Christmas!

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