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Last time I had been writing about merging branch to trunk just before deployment to production. Business side wasn’t happy about that, so we had to clean up the mess 😉

It’s very weird how merge can replace whole files with older versions – by older I mean that were formatted on branch – no other changes. In such case it’s very hard to find what was changed. The only hope is in Subversion’s history. It’s the only place where you can find how it was before, though if you have history 😀

Anyway, the problem was solved quite fast and we were able to deploy a new version to test environment and business were able to test it also. The last step was to prepare deployment to production and hope that everything will go smoothly – we will see next day morning!

I also discovered superb future in IntelliJ IDEA – Productivity Guide – you can open it with ALT + H + P

Productivity Guide

BTW the new version of IDEA was release few days ago – Ulimate 9 – I already have it! Hurraaa!

PS. You can be surprised but I’m working remotely from my new home 😉

operation has gone but the patient died

Yap, that how it was with our project deployment to production. Everything went smoothly but application is not running, even worse – running without problem but it’ giving wrong results 😀

I had to quickly investigate the roots of evil and I found them quick – once again it was a merge – CVS merge to be precise. There was a branch to integrate with other project and few days before deployment everything was merged down to main. Nobody was testing it after all, just we went ahead to production 😛

The rest is just a history…

Have nice Christmas! I’m taking long vacation so see you in New Year!


Today I still tried to improve code quality of application. I double-checked what I had done previously to be sure I didn’t introduce some typo. I’ve been working on that when I got message from testers that they experienced some strange behaviour with the application. It just showed them blank screen when they had tried enter given page. I made quit investigation and found a problem.

The worst thing was that it happened because of automatically merge – two additional lines were added where the same lines already were there but surrounded with if () to protect against NullPointerException. It was stupid mistake and any test didn’t check such piece of code against null value. I will have to add some tests and check more carefully in the future what was merged during project update. I’m using IntelliJ IDEA and there is fancy window with update status, see below:


After quick fix and deployment to test environment I was able to came back to refactoring. I’ve been digging around trying to find places where the code can be improved.

In mean time I’ve got request to correct some mistakes on the print template I had made few days ago. It took me about one hour and once again I was able follow with application refactoring.

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