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At last I got a new task – I mean new bugs to solve 😉 Yea all were related  to a print layout. Many simple text changes, it took me around half a day to solve them all. I still have some bugs to solve but first I need to investigate how they will impact application – the changes I made to layout till now were safe, they will not brake application.  So it’s a bit boring but better than nothing 😀

Another thing, I started learning Google Web Toolkit – as a member of Warszawa Java User Group I have access to group’s bookshelf and free books from many publishers – you know “book for review”. Anyway I had a copy on my PC and started reading it.

In the same time when I’m reading GWT in Action I started working on Maven2 archetype to work with Google AppEngine. You can find some over the Internet but they are not really suitable to what I want. After two day I had stable environment to work with GWT and AppEngine. I’m using my good old IntelliJ IDEA instead existing plugin for Eclipse 😉

The last thing, I’ve presented my idea about Open Code Review on Design Patterns Study Group’s meeting, I explained what it’s about, how to steer the whole activity and how to solve problem with “gurus” 😀 I hope they will be able to introduce it in their teams! I’m waiting for feedback!

down to business

I got a new task! Hurraaa! I’m  not able to be bored at work 😉

It was once again related to print layout, but I’m not complaining. Many of them was quite simply – move one line there, make some part of text bold, change text size and so on. Nothing complicated. Till the last task.

I had to show on a print page customer’s bank location, but not a name – some 6 digits long number! We have dedicated web service to retrieve such informations base on logged in user. So I started looking in to it to find that data. Yeah… bunch of XMLs with different data structures… hopeless job! I tried asking around, maybe someone already did that or would be able to push me in right direction, but no luck! I asked our architect, but he didn’t know also, he will try to find someone who did the web service 😉

The last chance left, try to ask a business guy for some example of the value and then traverse  databases to find that data 😀 So, it looks like I have a work for next day!

back to work

I returned to main task today. It was a good idea to disconnect myself from the task the day before – I was able to take a distance look on my problems. Yap, that being said, I had a hard time today trying investigate how out project web framework is working – with all this flow control, JavaScript around. I tried many different approaches to avoid exceptions, to allow flow working – once again I filled lost! Anyone I took the best possible solution – I asked my teammate for help, for his idea how to solve that. He didn’t give me a direct solution, but he figured out some points that I never thought about!

At the end of day I had working solution, that didn’t break anything – it was quite simple (if I look on it now 😉 ) – I just implemented the whole download logic in separated Struts action, not connected with the internal framework – that allowed me to skip the problems!

The last thing to do is write a unit test to confirm that!

too good

As I said last time, today I was assigned to a new task. The job was mostly done by a team mate, I just had to implement some additional functions – basically extend already existing logic. It was an old code I’d written some time ago, but was a bit overused and became a mess. So, I thought to clean-up it first, to did it in right way. I’ve started refactoring some large parts of application and after three hours I still was in middle of nowhere, with bunch of  changed classes. Neither new functionality wasn’t done, nor code clean-up.

The time was important, so I decided to revert back all my changes and start again with the simplest changes to met requirements. I also dropped idea to improve code quality in the same time, I had already registered some extra time with PM to do this later. Anyway, after another two-tree hours, I finished and the team mate was able to moved forward with his changes.

I committed my changes and also he did the same. Than we verified the application and double-checked all key figures. Everything was as expected, we were able to mark bug as solved.

At the end of day I started refactoring and cleaning the code, that work will follow during upcoming days!

I also begun introducing Zen-To-Done in to my life, it should allow me to better manage my time and life 😀

done, busy, exciting

The last two days were very busy – I was polishing the application and the print layout to be for sure ready for upcoming training next week. I had to add missing mappings from UI to Data Model – many of them wasn’t in use because there wasn’t 外汇交易平台 needs for that 😉 That’s the worst thing – design application and a model to satisfy only given context. In such way it’s very hard to add another functionality without breaking what was done already. Especially if there hadn’t been any unit tests.

The application and print layout are ready for test and I’ve got new assignment – I must help team mate to solve high priority bug which prevents starting training phase of the main application. It was discovered few days ago and he already did a great job to accomplish it, but I will have to double-check in case of side effect of his changes. If we deliver the application on Tuesday, than we have also clean-up the source code in such area to improve code quality.

The upcoming week will be very buy. And exciting!

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the first day – once again

Today was my first day at work after another short vacation 😉 This time I had spend time clearing area around my home – to prepare it for last step before move in 😀

Let’s back to work – today I’ve got a new task – prepare new print layout for new document and it has to be ready before end of month. Not enough time but it just has to be ready for test and rest will be polished during tests. Team mate already build small application that will be used as a front-end for the print out.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

My job is to prepare a layout base on a specification. It should not be difficult but as usual business will change its mind when get some draft version. That’s why I need to do it fast – sooner it’s better – business will have more time to complain 😛

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