Yap, it’s true!Балки

It will demolish all available PHP development environments! You are probably thinking –  “what’s he talking about?! PHP for Java developer??”. Yeah…. I wasn’t Java developer from beginning, I started my professional career as a PHP developer – the first earned money I got was for a web application I wrote in PHP! That was an amazing time, no unit tests, no bullshit about craft and so on. What was the most important – customer satisfaction!

Never mind, after 7 years I had to go back to PHP. It’s impressive, yeah? 7 years without problems and any issue. Marvelous!

Previously I used ordinary text editor to write the application, but nowadays I thought there should be something better – we have the craft, so with the craft you must have THE tools.

The first place I checked was The JetBrains side and they didn’t disappointed me – what I found was The JetBrains PHP Storm! Still in Beta but who cares 😉

The first thing I noticed after installation was that I was able to open the application without any “Import”, “Converting” and so on. Just open it and develop (with pleasure)! What can I say, just astonishing!

Today I discovered another brilliant feature “Compare with deployed version”! What’s that? Is the same functionality when you are comparing your local changes with version in source code repository.

And the result is:

And the most important feature it has is that I can use exactly the same keyboard shortcuts I’ve been using for InetlliJ IDEA! With pleasure 😀