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a day without hangover

The wine testing experience was quit nice, I learned a lot about a wine and how to drink it, how to feel all the best. You don’t have to love it, but there is magic which can be introduce to your life, all is needed is to give it a chance.

Yeah, but today I had to forgot about that and stick with a real world! I went back to refactoring I had started day before. When I dug deeply I discovered that I had to made another change. I did it, but that was the last. I just wanted commit the changes to repository so I started playing with tests. I had to solve some small mistakes (NullPointerException and ClassCastException 😉 ) and I was able to finish the work. I committed them all to the repository and went home – you know this pattern? Commit and Exit 😀

The incoming weekend I will spend on UnConference in Gdansk, I’m looking forward for a great time!

the evolution

Today I took a look on the internal framework. It isn’t a real framework, but rather a bunch of reusable classes. I’ve been looking around and discovered some classes made by an Architect from the Task Force. It was almost the same crappy code as we made, but was alder. So, it brought home to me, that he wasn’t a a perfect developer from beginning, he evolved and still evolves. He accepted his mistakes and was able to took over them, so I should do the same!

After lunch I started some simple refactoring to help my fellow to solve a bug. He changed some parts on his side and I did the same on my. And then I discovered that I’m not able to commit my changes to the repository. They will break the tests without changes introduced by him. The same was with him, he wasn’t able commit changes without my changes. The classic deadlock! He sent me his changes by e-mail and I implemented them on my local copy, but then the day was over. I went for a nice company event, we have been tasting the wines, so nice!

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