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hidden plan

As you maybe noticed, I wrote nothing for yesterday. Frankly, I forgot about that because I’ve been testing delicious bottle of wine 🙂 But there is one thing worth to mention – I had got my books from Amazon – , and . Lot’s of reading.

Indeed,  but that is connected with my hidden plan. After I read all those books, I will propose to introduce Scrum methodology to the company. I will not be easy, but I have to try, what can I loose?

And the last thing, we finished our Clean Code Days. It took two days to clean almost all warnings from the Checkstyle. We discovered some hidden bugs, so it wasn’t wasted time. Any way, we figure out (as team), phentermine that code quality matters and we will try to keep it high and always on top. The work is not done yet, but that was the first step to build stronger team of highly skilled developers. What an exciting future is coming 😀

ordinary day

Today was very ordinary day, I’ve solved some bugs, sent some requests for explanation and so on. Nothing special 🙁 I also started assigning some Issues regarding Clean Code Day. So boring 😉

Few days ago I ordered some books about Agile and Scrum from Amazon. I’m really looking forward to put my hands on them. It would be very nice to introduce Scrum methodology in my current company. I need some basis and I will try.

the first retrospective meeting

You probably heard about Scrum? Wonderful Agile project management methodology. Today I had opportunity to participate in my first retrospective meeting. It was about finished Javarsovia conference, I had mentioned about it in the previous post. The Sprint took 6 months, a bit too much for the Iteration 😉

Any way we had posits to described our feelings, what was wrong, what was good. We summarized what we did and where is the space for improvement. It took more then 3 hours, but I think it was worth. I hope, I will have possibility to be a part of some Agile team in the future. We also agreed that we should have dedicated application to handle such events – good project for community!

That was after my work day. And I had made the biggest mistake ever. I was very upset and I forcefully switched off computer of one of my team members. It was very stupid, I behaved like Jerk! I have no explanation for that, I can just say “Sorry”!

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