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‘The Nice Guys’ is great film tell story about A private eye investigates the apparent suicide of a fading porn star in 1970s Los Angeles and uncovers a conspiracy. This movie have genre Crime, Action, Thriller, Comedy, Mystery and have 116 minutes runtime.

Yaya DaCosta as Tally, Margaret Qualley as Amelia Kuttner, Ryan Gosling as Holland March, Matt Bomer as John Boy, Russell Crowe as Jackson Healy, Angourie Rice as Holly March.

The Director of this movie is Shane Black. The movie The Nice Guys is produced by Nice Guys, Silver Pictures, Misty Mountains, Waypoint Entertainment, Bloom and released in May 15, 2016

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blooding edge

Probably the same as me you have been reading all over the Internet about all those bleeding edge technologies and was dreaming to be able put your fingers on them. They’re so awesome, with one line you can write alot, functional language will speed up your application, NoSQL will solve all the problems of relational databases – you will be a hero – your users will love you till the end 😉

The truth is, recently I’ve been working on a project which uses all those hyper-technologies like Scala language, Scalatra – a MVC framework and MongoDB as a storage engine. We used AngularJS for frontend to be even more than awesome 😉 We used sbt instead Maven to have even more fun 😉 You can find the project on the GitHub, we decided to open source it under Apache 2.0 license, so you are free to grab the code and do what ever you want with it , enjoy 🙂

You probably think that I have a great job – and you are right, I love to work with teammates from SoftwareMill. The company is great, people are brilliant 🙂 You can check my business card and you will see my job title – Creative Software Engineer – we were allowed to choose whatever title we want, but it just a title and not you 😉

Anyway, I was working for few weeks on the project and on the beginning it was so exciting, everything was new, each step was a new challenge. During the few first days I thought that my head will explode – some many informations, lots of knowledge – I felt like getting high 😀

That was the beginning, but after some time I started to be tired. It was very hard to find any reliable info over the Internet, example projects want work, quite often even could not compile :\ You can find tons of projects on the GitHub but just few of them are useful and even less will compile 😛 And was worse, Scala is still evolving, what was great and awesome feature in 2.7.0 is now deprecated in 2.9.2 and will be removed in 2.10.0 – and you can find a lot of code examples but they will work only with given Scala version. Also some features of the language are terrifying when used in wrong way – implicit is the best example here – especially when you have to add just an import to allow your code to compile. And there is more, Scalatra evolving as well, AngularJS is a least stable from version 1.0.1 – before is like walking on minefield 😛

So, when your hands get dirty, then you can really write something about those awesome technologies and allow others to learn from your mistakes. That’s why we started with the Bootstrap project, to show how to write a remarkable application with bleeding edge technologies. Maybe there are better examples, but this one is our child which was born in sweat, blood and pain 🙂

And remember: with great power comes great responsibility




Recently my company prepared new visiting cards for us, nothing special you could say, but we were asked what do we want to put on them 🙂

There are obvious things like first name and last name, a company e-mail address or web site. We could also add our Twitter and GitHub accounts – as we try hard to save the World giving all we can to OSS 😉

These were the obvious things, but the funny part was that we were able to choose the position name – you know, all that high pumped words 😛 We spent a lot of time trying to find what would be the best (for us and for each of us), like “software developer”, “java passionate”, etc. At some point, we decided to use “software engineer” term as is (apparently) a better sentence than “developer” ?!?

Never mind, with reduced set we started adding some prefixes like “senior” or “java” or … many others. At the end I have selected this one below, what do you think ?


And as usual some positively inspiring talk from TED:


Our company is growing, when I had joined the company, there were working 6-7 people, right now after over a year there are 17 people working on many different projects and clients across the world. I didn’t expect how all this will go, what future will bring. I just made a move to change something. And it was worth to do that move 🙂

At some point we realised that to hire a new person, a team mate, we need a process. Not a strict, multilevel strategy like for example Google has, but something that allows us to improve who we hired, to minimise waste – waste of time when you make a review with improper person, when you ask question which doesn’t give you an answer you’re looking for. And so on.

Simple, straightforward process, easy to be adopted by any other team members as we quite often exchange who will do the review. There is one important rule here – we’re always making a review in two – to have a better overview and different points of view on the same questions and answers.

So we finished with a process where the first step is to send a CV to, where it’ll be reviewed roughly and if accepted you will get an invitation for a review – over Skype of course 😉

The second step is the review – we have a list of questions we’re using during the review process. The range is from informal questions, like what you like to read, what kind of hobby do you have, and so on, over strict technical questions up to agile related questions. As we’re inspiring to be the most agile company in the world, so our team of experts must be aware of Agile in all kind 😉

When we ask questions we are looking for honest answers, if you don’t know the answer, just tell us. We don’t expect that everybody will know everything about anything 😉 The review should give us answer to one important question: do I want to work with him on a project ? That’s it, no hidden tricky questions, just simple, honest conversation. You can ask questions as well, we answer them the best we can.

The last step is a project with simple requirements, you’re free to choose a technology stack. What you must to do is to present your technical skills, even if you are applying to be a Team Leader – you must write a code! Just show us what you can do, what a brilliant fancy code you can write. We’ll review your code and you’ll get the answers – you can disagree but … 😉

At the end, even if you were hired by us, there is a golden rule of our CEO: “At the end it doesn’t matter who you hired, but to be able to fire him” 😉

To show you some mercy, please watch that very interesting talk from TED: “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” before you decide to send your CV to us 🙂

deep dive

Title of this post should tell

I started an new job over four weeks ago and from beginning it was a deep dive. Everything was new and exciting, I wasn’t able to think about anything else. I just want to more and more … more knowledge. I was so impassioned, that I would like to have spent all the time in the front of my new Mac (forgot to mentioned?).

So what I’ve been doing during that time?

The first thing is a entirely new MacBook Pro on my desk 😀 Gift from my new company SoftwareMill. I spent few days (or maybe weeks) getting use to it. Recently I was using Linux box but it isn’t the same. The first obvious thing is keyboard. It isn’t just Cmd key instead Win key. Many more keys are missed, it’s like changing your way of thinking. You must switch your brain and old habits.

What I like in Mac?

What I don’t like?

What have I learnt during these weeks?

Plenty of new things and technology like SIP Servlets, JavaServer Faces 2.0 and CDI (Weld). Everything is new and exciting but after these four weeks I’m able to have a distance and focus also on other things. The last thing left – some free time that I can spend reading books, but I’m working on that 😉

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