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I’ve decided to reactivate my technical blog (in Polish) hosted on Java Developer’s Network – why? I’ve stared missing strict technical entries and discussion over them. And there are plenty of english technical blogs out there, so I didn’t want to be another one here. I’m still planning to post some small examples in English, but larges one will be posted there.

Few weeks ago I was moved to join a new project and for last two weeks I was trying hard to recall how JSF 2.0 works. It isn’t an intuitive way and for a guy as me – who was growing up on request-response paradigmate of the Web – the whole components approach is a big fake 😉 The frameworks are cheating us and the users, http protocol is stateless and over it we try to build a statefull application. Jsfize are flying in the air 😛

What else is going on? A lot, I can say. A brand new Apache Struts 2 is out – the web page should be updated soon (on my todo list), also we’ve a few new very active contributors and a new PMC Chair. It looks like we’ve a new opening 🙂

The fourth thing, another we are working to prepare upcoming annual Warsaw Java User Group conference – Confitura 2011 aka Javarsovia. It’s a hard peace of wood now, but hopefully we redo it in something nicer 😉

And the last thing – a new Agile conference in Warsaw is over the horizon – Agile By Example!

That’s it folks …. naha … what’s left is some new presentation from TED – not only software can be open sourced 😀

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camels and rollbacks

I had been preparing a new Struts 2 release for last few weeks. It contains only a tiny change regarding security and I had been counting that it shouldn’t take more than a week to release it. How wrong I was 😉

Everything had started smoothly, I’ve created a new Subversion branch, to not interfere with current on-going development of the new Struts 2.2.2. The branch was made from Subversion tag (yeah, branches, tags and trunks are all the same, just copies 😉 ). Next, I’ve applied a patch to solve the security hole and I was truly sure that’s it –  I can start the release process. So I’ve gone ahead, mvn release:prepare command went smoothly, so the next step was mvn release:perform. And after almost waiting 1h I’ve got a strange looking massage: not all licenses were approved !?!

The first thought, I’m using the latest Maven 3.0.1 and that’s the problem, but it wasn’t. I started looking into RAT plugin source code to check what could be wrong. I’ve just discovered that the plugin is checking wrong Apache License header but also looking for the License’s URL so it should be ok. The origin of the problem was quite simple. The Maven Release plugin allows to make release only from a SNAPSHOT version, so I’ve changed the version only in the parent pom of the project. The rest was unmodified. After changing all the version signatures in all the poms the problem was gone 😉

To launch another release process I’ve had to rollback all the changes made during previous launching release command. mvn release:rollback did the job but I’ve had to manually remove the tag from Subversion repository. And of course I’ve removed the wrong one 🙁

Thanks to Wes for a tip how to rollback such a huge mistake, the command looks like this:

TAG_1 is the removed tag, number 10 is the revision -1 when the tag was The Bye Bye Man streaming

So I’ve started again, to make a release and again something went wrong. I noticed the release plugin is making a tag base on wrong path – it was using the original path of the tag from which the branch was made of instead the branch path. And again I’ve had to rollback all changes and remove the tag – this time the correct one 😉

Resolution was easy – change scm tag in all the poms to point to the branch 😛

And again, I’ve started the release process and this time everything went more than smoothly, all the artifacts were uploaded to Apache Nexus, so the last think before calling a vote was to close a staging repository. And again I was wrong, during that, Nexus reported that two jar files don’t have corresponding files with signature. I’ve checked locally and everything was ok. After short conversation with guys from support, I’ve got the solution – upgrade to latest Apache Parent 🙂

Yep, easy, but to do that I’ve had to once again rollback everything, prepare a new Struts Parent that will inherit from the latest Apache Parent, release it and call for a vote 😀

Finally, after almost 2 months I was able to release Struts – the vote is under way, so if you are Struts PMC, please test the release and vote!

Just to relax a bit, take a time and watch that very inspiring talk about camels:

migration and bosses

The whole last week I was migrating my current project from the JBoss AS 6 M2 to the JBoss AS 6 CR1. First of all I had been thinking it should be easy, just switch few things, use other Java packages and so on. Niether I had been expecting some problems nor it will take a week. So I’ve just started my migration “project” – yep, you should always treat it that way, it isn’t just renaming packages or tweaking some configuration files. It’s a huge project that either can take a hour or a week. So be prepared!

To move to the JBoss CR1 I had to also switch to latest versions of our internal libraries, commonly called SML Commons. The main problem was with the CDI Extension package, which base on WELD. During switching the version I discovered some problems during an application deployment. First of all Bean Manager was missing in JNDI context. Googling and looking through existing solution didn’t help. I had to prepare a demo application and try to register an issue with JBoss’ JIRA. The problem was, that my demo application was working just fine with the JBoss CR1. Just Adam was able to break it – the trick was to include in EAR package another module as a Java JAR archive with CDI enabled beans. Then the application blown up!Sandy Wexler film trailer

After few hours we got answer to the problem –  add additional beans.xml file to WAR archive!

So I thought the rest should be easy, but wasn’t 😛

The next problem was with the application’s tests. All the tests that were base on Arquillian started yielding – wrong dependency in Maven pom, I had to remove few of them, cut out some unused profile and everything went smoothly.

So, the next problem was with Selenium and it looked strange as the whole JVM blown up with irritating “red zone” message. And till now I don’t know what it was, maybe just wrong configuration or missing dependency. And during solving that problem I discovered a really interesting CDI behaviour. When you defining a bean with @Produces annotation you have access to the InjectionPoint object. It provides many different information about where your bean will be injected.

But there is a slight diference how InjectionPoint.getBean() is working. If your @Produces annotated bean will be used / injected in already CDI managed bean, getBean() will return that bean. But in other way it will return null 😛

Finally, I gave up 🙁 After passing all that problems, another one hit me directly in the face and I haven’t had enough energy to solved it. I shelved all my changes with IntelliJ IDEA and returned to normal coding work, ufff…. 🙂

And just to change my attitude, today’s morning I got monthly newsletter from TED and I want to share with you that brilliant talk about why bosses and meetings are boilerplate at work, enjoy!


At last I’m back online – to be correct – my blog is back online 🙂 After some rumour with switching hostig providers finally I managed to close all the DNS issues. Hopefully, I don’t have to worry for loooong time 😉Быстросхватывающиеся цементные растворы

Recently lots of things are happening in my life, to say just few – I’m changing company, project and technology (but still Java but who knows 😉 )

Just for the beginning some nice talks from TED. If you have opportunity, I strongly encourage you to join TEDxKrakow at 15th of October – I’m waiting for confirmation!

The first presentation is about Crowd-Accelerated Innovation – YouTube-driven communication and future learning:

The second talk is directly connected with our work as a Software Developer, just switch context – why everything is broken by Seth Godin

Seth Godin at Gel 2006 from Gel Conference on Vimeo.


That’s it, I’m totally overwhelmed by organization of Javarsovia 2010 conference. For the last few days I’ve been hanging on a phone all day, discussing and answering sponsor’s questions. I wrote hundreds of mails to management board internal group. I have no more space in my daily schedule to read blogs 🙁почему одинаковые на внешний вид дома имеют разную цену?

Hopefully it’s the last week and we are solved almost all the issues we had – shirts, catering, rooms, etc. We have more than 880 registered attendees! It’s two times more than last year!

Any way I found a little time to watch that very nice TED speech, it’s about how to start movement and be a leader – very interesting and all in three minutes!

PS. I’m also not able to write posts from work, something went wrong when I migrated my DNS server 🙂

linear education

Once again I want to present a very nice TED talk , this time it’s about an eduction, a linearity and an agriculture. It’s very funny, lots of laughing and at the same time very serious topic. I love that sentence:veroxybd.com

“”There are two types of people in this world, those who divide the world into two types and those who do not.” 😀


robots and more

Today I opened my mail box and noticed the new newsletter from TED. I spotted nice image with a robot from TEDxNASA so I choose that presentation to see / hear something interesting about robots. The best is at the end of the presentation, it wasn’t about robots but about working and bringing up brilliant ideas – I’m 100% convince! Take a look!

frozen zone

We’re again in frozen zone – project is going to production 😉

So I have a lot of spare time to improve my other skills, like learning GWT, studding books – Tony Buzan’s The Mind Set and so on.

I have a tricky question for you: why James Cameron made the Titanic ? Just watch his talk on TED and grab the answer

Another thing is GWT – sadly I discovered that not all widgets are presented with Widget Gallery, you have to look through API documentation to find them all – for example CaptionPanel 🙁

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