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back to work

I returned to main task today. It was a good idea to disconnect myself from the task the day before – I was able to take a distance look on my problems. Yap, that being said, I had a hard time today trying investigate how out project web framework is working – with all this flow control, JavaScript around. I tried many different approaches to avoid exceptions, to allow flow working – once again I filled lost! Anyone I took the best possible solution – I asked my teammate for help, for his idea how to solve that. He didn’t give me a direct solution, but he figured out some points that I never thought about!

At the end of day I had working solution, that didn’t break anything – it was quite simple (if I look on it now ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) – I just implemented the whole download logic in separated Struts action, not connected with the internal framework – that allowed me to skip the problems!

The last thing to do is write a unit test to confirm that!

a short day

The day was short, as I spent 5 hours in train coming back to city where I work (it’s a bit complicated to explain that in short 😉 ) so for work left not so much time 😀streaming movie Your Name.

Anyway I integrated an application with corporate CMS system, I had to make some dirty hacks to achieve expected functionality and learned be past experience I wrote unit tests to cover all strange cases I could imagine 😉 At the end of day I integrated that simple solution with the rest of the application and discovered that our internal web flow framework doesn’t support file download functionality! I’ve tried to use different approaches, but without luck 🙁

The worst thing, I will have to look into to find some solution, the current approach is breaking the application and it became useless 😛

I left that behind and went for gym – to chill out myself!

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business debuger

Did you ever want to have tools which shows you your mistakes as soon as possible?

During software development process we’re using many tools to implement such idea – continues integration, using CruiseControl, unit tests with JUnit, Checkstyle to correct typos – we are just humans and we’re making mistakes all the time!

What is missing with mentioned tools is that they’re as good as we configure them – they wouldn’t check business rules if don’t configure them how to use them.ย  They’re smart as we’re – neither more nor less.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Ok, what would be the best solution? To have external business debuger – someone who can check what you implemented but against business rules. Totally distinguished from you and your way of thinking.ย  It’s great, but we also afraid – someone will discovered ours mistakes, discovered that we aren’t prefect. We aren’t professional as we thought! It’s strange – we want that, but at the same time – we afraid!

I’ve been working in such way for last three days – I implemented a change, informed business guy and in few minutes got answer. It’s like working with debuger – all myย  mistakes are discovered before I was able to figure them out! As I mentioned early, it isn’t comfortable, but it’s the most efficient way of working – from business perspective 😉


Today I still tried to improve code quality of application. I double-checked what I had done previously to be sure I didn’t introduce some typo. I’ve been working on that when I got message from testers that they experienced some strange behaviour with the application. It just showed them blank screen when they had tried enter given page. I made quit investigation and found a problem.

The worst thing was that it happened because of automatically merge – two additional lines were added where the same lines already were there but surrounded with if () to protect against NullPointerException. It was stupid mistake and any test didn’t check such piece of code against null value. I will have to add some tests and check more carefully in the future what was merged during project update. I’m using IntelliJ IDEA and there is fancy window with update status, see below:


After quick fix and deployment to test environment I was able to came back to refactoring. I’ve been digging around trying to find places where the code can be improved.

In mean time I’ve got request to correct some mistakes on the print template I had made few days ago. It took me about one hour and once again I was able follow with application refactoring.

half a way

I started, mentioned early code clean-up and refactoring. It was huge task but quite simply – I just had to keep focus on what I was doing. I implemented all the changes and confirmed that everything was ok with Unite tests. No problem so far!

Then I decided to committed the code to have clean starting point for next step. In first step I just introduced one common interface which base on Template Method pattern and reimplemented all needed concrete classes. After all I had one common interface to use in many places, it simplified many operations and I was able to cut off bunch of unneeded methods.

That was the half of way. The second part was to used custom Enums instead of String constants. I implemented the Enums and started replacing Strings. It was very bored and could introduce accidental bug. Hopefully it didn’t – lots of manual typing without mistake!

I reran the tests to confirm that I didn’t break anything. Done and committed! That was all for today, tomorrow I will still try to simplify the interface. To have less code needed to cover by tests ๐Ÿ˜‰

the first day

Today was my first day at work after short vacation – only ten days ๐Ÿ™ Basically I spent that day reading mails and trying fit my self again with work. I’ve also read some blog entries to be at least up-to-date with latest news.

After all I was ready to solve some bugs. I picked one and started with test to confirm that there had been really a bug. With test on my side I was able to dig into the code. It took few minutes to implements the changes to solve the bug. Test confirmed that. So then I committed the changes and the test to a source code repository.

I started working on the next bug and after some explanation from a team-mate I redirected the bug to him ๐Ÿ˜‰ He discovered what was wrong, so he will be able to solve it the best!

tests on roids

Finally I was able to speed-up tests in our project. I had to made some dirty trick with XmlBeans. XmlBeans are not so efficient as other Xml marshalling libraries, but our whole technology stack is using them, so there’s no option 🙂

Anyway, I solved that but “borrowing” SchemaTypeSystem implementation from other project. The whole trick is to remove eager static initialization! That’s the problem, XmlBeans doing lot of static bluehostไผ˜ๆƒ ็  initialization when some class from hierarchy is going to be loaded. Maybe it’s a good idea in server environment, but it’s killing unit tests.

Right now the whole test task run takes around 9 minutes and previously it was 30 minutes! So I can say it was a very efficient day!

And at the end – I discovered two nice demos about how (my lovely ide) supports Java, Groovy and Scala development, they are fantastic! You have to take a look:

the bug

Today day wasn’t pleased, it started with phone from a tester that something was wrong with application. It wasn’t crushing or something – the figures calculated were wrong – the worth thing ever! I got some screen shots with little explanation what is wrong, what was expected. Try to guess!

Nevertheless I started digging in to the code. It was hard as we introduced some many changes because of Clean Code Days. I wasn’t able to find anything particular that could be the root of the problem. I was very annoying! Another phones from testers and managers didn’t allow to think productively! I started asking around, maybe someone would figure out what it could be. Stupid idea!

Fortunately, our application dumped to a file all request sent to the WebServices. One of the team fellow identified the wrong output from a WebService and found the corresponded input. He sent that data to author of that WebService from another team and he discovered the bug! The bug was intrudced by some small refactoring, during writting tests. Right now, all we need is to deploy the new version of that WebService to a test environment!

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