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the first day – once again

Today was my first day at work after another short vacation 😉 This time I had spend time clearing area around my home – to prepare it for last step before move in 😀

Let’s back to work – today I’ve got a new task – prepare new print layout for new document and it has to be ready before end of month. Not enough time but it just has to be ready for test and rest will be polished during tests. Team mate already build small application that will be used as a front-end for the print out.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

My job is to prepare a layout base on a specification. It should not be difficult but as usual business will change its mind when get some draft version. That’s why I need to do it fast – sooner it’s better – business will have more time to complain 😛

the first day

Today was my first day at work after short vacation – only ten days 🙁 Basically I spent that day reading mails and trying fit my self again with work. I’ve also read some blog entries to be at least up-to-date with latest news.

After all I was ready to solve some bugs. I picked one and started with test to confirm that there had been really a bug. With test on my side I was able to dig into the code. It took few minutes to implements the changes to solve the bug. Test confirmed that. So then I committed the changes and the test to a source code repository.

I started working on the next bug and after some explanation from a team-mate I redirected the bug to him 😉 He discovered what was wrong, so he will be able to solve it the best!

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